Outreach and social help programs carried out in view of COVID-19






Remarks (Brief Description of

activities may be given)


Sanitation activities (Done within the office premises for helping the staff of office)

No. of office premises under Zone/Commissionerate



  1. The Headquarter Office Building (premises of GST Bhavan Pune), as well as GST Bhavan at Akurdi and Divisional office at Shivajinagar, comprising a total area of2,50,000 sq. ft. were sanitized twice, during the period of lockdown.
  2. Divisional offices at Baramati and Solapur have been disinfected and sanitized.
  3. O/o Commissioner of CGST, Kolhapur and all the division offices under its jurisdiction have been disinfected and sanitized.
  4. Daily disinfecting and Weekly deep cleaning of all offices under the jurisdiction of Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Dapoli Customs Divisions of Pune Customs Commissionerate.
  5. Goa CGST has sanitized their own office and also that of O/o Goa (Appeals) situated in the same building.
  6. Goa Customs has sanitized their office at Custom House, Marmagoa, Goa.


Sanitation activities (Done outside the office premises for helping people other than the office staff)

No. of premises

sanitized (other

the office



Sanitization of the residential complexes situated at GST Bhavan Pune, Sambhajinagar, Ganganagar, and Yamunanagar, was carried out by professionals.

Customs Colony, Headland Sada, Goa has been sanitized.


Distribution of food


No. of food


distributed (if

any) by the



Packed breakfast and lunch has been provided to daily wagers and drivers of CGST Pune I Commissionerate and the Security staff of CGST Bhavan.

Food packets are being distributed daily (since 15.04.2020) by Vengurla Customs (Pune Customs Commissionerate), to the migrant laborers  who are stuck in the village .

Kolhapur Commissionerate distributed food packets to suffice for more than 15 days to 20 workers at Ratnagiri (MIDC).






Distribution of dry ration packets

No. ofdry ration packets distributed

250 kg wheat flour

250 kg rice

200 kg tur dal

  200 kg salt

101 kg sugar

151 ltr cooking  oil



92 packets (Kolhapur)

Packets containing essential dry rations were distributed to stranded migrant workers sheltered in the tribal area of Junnar, Pune Distict.


Packets of Dry rations are distributed among the daily wagers working in CGST Solapur Division Office and its ranges


Goa Customs Commissionerate distributed dry ration packets to all contingent workers, daily wagers and contract drivers.


60 nos. of dry ration packets were also distributed at Sangli. 32 packets were distributed to stranded labourers at Ratnagiri.


Distribution of sanitation

kits/Masks etc.

(Done within the office

premises for helping the

staff of office

No. of Sanitation

kits/Masks etc.

distributed (ifany) by the Commissionerate within the office


1221 masks

840 gloves

84ltrs of Sanitizers

70 bottles of the sanitizers

The masks and gloves were supplied to staff of the Headquarters of GST Bhavanalongwith contingent staff, security and drivers of the hired vehicles. Sanitation bottles, sponges and toothpicks have been also placed near elevators on all the four floors so that officers/ staff need not touch the elevator buttons directly by hand.

Masks for officers and staff of customs in Pune and Ratnagiri were also distributed.




Distribution of sanitation

Kits / Masks etc.

(Done outside the office

premises for helping

people other than the

office staff)

No. of


kits/Masks etc.

distributed (if

any) by the

Commissionerate within

the office



100 – Police Dept. (Ratnagiri)

100- Sanitization Dept (Ratnagiri)

70 Masks were provided to the drivers of hired vehicles and to canteen and housekeeping staff


1000 masks were made by the residents of the Residential Colony of CGST & Customs, Pune, which were distributed among the Police personnel in Pune.


Other Activities

Awareness on



among staff and

other citizens


1. The officers along with stake holders also donated medical equipments valued at Rs. 2.30 Lakhs including ICU beds, mattresses, oxygen cylinders, I.V stands, Laryngoscopes and Pulse Oxymeters to the Pune Municipal Commissioner for setting up additional ICU units at Pune.


2. The officers of Ratnagiri Customs Division have pledged not to utilize scarce medical resources such as masks so that healthcare workers and patients have adequate supply. The Officers have also pledged one hour of “Shramdaan” every day towards making masks as per designs approved by the Office of the Scientific advisor to the Govt of India. A quick in-house seminar / training session was held to teach officers how to make face masks. The said initiative was also appreciated by the Hon’ble Finance Minister in a tweet.


3 During patrolling (Sea and Road) in the jurisdiction of Dapoli Customs Division (Pune Customs), officers came across approx. 100 migrant laborers returning to their native places in the various fishing boats. The officers took immediate action and informed the local police and such persons were medically examined and quarantined as deemed fit by the medical authorities.


4. Sanitizers were kept at all the entrance of all the Building premises at different office /division under CGST & Customs Pune Zone to wash hands of Officers/staff, daily wagers, security personnel. They all were asked to follow the guidelines issued by the Govt. of India from time to time like maintaining social distance, wearing of masks while going outside for any work.


5. In Goa, 24 rescue flights having passengers of different nationalities have been attended by the customs officers posted at Goa International Airport during the lockdown period. and Pulse Oxymeters to the Pune Municipal Commissioner for setting up additional ICU units at Pune.